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Our History

Neema is a Bible-based believing Church that started in March 2015 as a Bible Study and Fellowship group aimed at assisting the Kenyan community within Perth to grow their Christian Faith. It run first as a fellowship where members met and conducted prayers and Bible study at their homes on Sunday afternoons. On 27th May 2015 it started holding it’s Bible study fortnightly at Perth Bible College. Due the increasing population of Swahili speaking Christians living in Perth Region, the leadership inaugurated its first Church service on the 10th February 2018. The church has increased both spiritually and numerically to approximately 45 adults and 20 children every Sunday.


In 2023 the church attendance numbers increased to 100+ adults and 50+ children every Sunday.

The name Neema is a Swahili word meaning Grace. It was coiled from Ephesians 2:8-9 which over years has been the church’s key Bible verse. The vision of Neema goes beyond reaching the Kenyan community within Perth, it is international. Driven by the Great Commission, our mission is to reach the many nationalities living within Perth and beyond with the Gospel of Christ to grow spiritually and to be true ambassadors of Christ. Moreover, we intend to offer missionary support to those living in Australia and Africa.

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