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NCC Executive Team


Zacheaus Mutai

Senior Pastor

Zac is the Senior Minister of NCC. After his call in 2003 into full-time ministry he has passionately served God by leading and mentoring men and women in Christ both as pastor, teacher, and chaplain. Married Peninah and they are blessed with two children, Ayaana and Ataalia.


Darius Kemboi

Executive Chair

Darius is the Executive Director overseeing NCC operations. With previous pastoring, teaching, and radio presenting experience Darius is passionate about ensuring that NCC’s strategic plan is realized. Darius is married to Agnes and they are blessed with two children Mishma and Megan

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Maureen Langat

Executive Secretary

Maureen is the Secretary of NCC, she oversees the communication and documentation of key and relevant information at Neema. She is passionate about praise and worship, intercessory prayer, and church programming. Maureen is married to Gideon Langat.

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Mark Cheruiyot

Executive Treasurer

Mark is the Executive Treasurer of NCC, he oversees the finances, planning and budgeting is key for all operations at Neema. Heis keen with wellbeing. Mark is married to Caroline Cheruiyot and blessed with three children Brian, Bandon and Beryiani.

Departmental Heads


Peninah Mutai

Sunday Director

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Caren Biwott

Sunday School Chairperson


Kigen Kiplagat

Youth Chairperson

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Rebecca Bett

Ladies Chairperson

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Benson Biwott

Men Chairperson

Departmental Heads

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Solomon Bett

Program Pastor

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Vincent Lusite

Welfare Chair and

Married Couples Coordinator

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Caroline Cheruiyot

Hospitality Coordinator

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Rebecca Mutai

Worship Team Coordinator


Chernen Tembe

IT Coordinator

Departmental Heads

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Justus Tumbai

Ushers Coordinator

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Steve Kiua

Building Project Chairperson

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Daniel N'getich

Building Project 

Secretary General

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Rudolph Mutai



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